Sunday, March 23, 2008

Participatory Action Research Video Presentation

Hi doctoral students!

I hope you find this video interesting. Most of my research career has been on transformational educational practices, and nothing works like participatory action research. Although you may find this video a little sketchy (feet and bottom of slides cut off) I think you will catch my basic meaning. From here participants can build: doctoral research, community change projects, or personal transformation - the steps are the same no matter what the desired outcome.

This presentation is the basic slide set from which I am building two, two hour sessions for business majors and one four hour session for education majors at Colorado Technical University. I will be speaking, and they will be going through mock PAR cycles on April 12th and 17th.

Please comment by following the link below. I would love to hear what you think and suggestions you may have for my next attempt - both at these slides and at future videos. ALSO - Please take the one item quiz to the right - I am trying to get the pulse on whether and to what extent this is interesting content for my audience. - Thanks for both!

all the best,


Graham Dover said...

Hi Alana!
Many thanks for this video on PAR - really helpful. I am a second year PhD student at SFU in Vancouver and am considering using a PAR approach for my dissertation (still be decided!). This is my first week of studying PAR in I read and ask questions I am building a web resource ( and I will definitely link to this video and blog! Many thanks!

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